Game server: online
Login Server: online
=> Information <=

=> Rates <=
EXP x100
SP x100
Party EXP x1.3
Party SP x1.3
Drop item x20
Drop item (Raid Bosses) x10
Adena x40
Quest x10
Quest reward x5 (Not for all)
Spoil x20
=> Enchants <=
Simple 65%
Blessed 70%
Crystal 70%
Max enchant +16
Safe +3
Full body safe +4
=> Additional player commands <=
.gk Gatekeeper to Necropolis/Catacombs/Other places.
.buffs Buffer's command (not working in all areas).
.online Shows how many players are online.
.menu Many commands in one place, password's changer, character's repair, auto potions.
=> Augmentation <=
NG glow chance 0%
MID glow chance 40%
HIGH glow chance 70%
TOP glow chance 100%
NG skill chance 5%
MID skill chance 10%
HIGH skill chance 15%
TOP skill chance 20%
=> The Bosses re-spawn time (UTC+2)) <=
*Valakas 7 days, +1h random
*Antharas 6 days, +1h random
*Baium 4 days, +1h random
*Frintezza 2 days, +1h random
*Zaken 2 days, +1h random
Orfen 1 day, +1h random
Core 1 day, +1h random
*Queen Ant 1 day, +1h random
Other Raid Bosses 1 day + 1h
Barakiel 6 hours + 1h
* Chaos zones (Auto PvP flag).
=> Other Information <=
The Olympiad 1 WEEK (Changes on SUNDAY 00:00h UTC+2)
Max enchant: +6 and every week +1 (7, 8 9 and etc.)
Maximum buffs 24 (+4 Divine Inspiration)
Buff time 2h
Skills Auto learn
Offline shop from 20lvl
Buffer and Gatekeepers Free until reach 40lvl.
Shop till B Grade.
Nobless Caradine Letter (65lvl) in shop.
Class change For Adena.
Sub-Class change Free.
Events TvT, CTF, DM every day.
Premium account system Double rates (Exp, sp, adena, spoil), special menu and premium buffs.
The Bots protection